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How to have a beautiful lawn in 5 steps

Having a beautiful lawn on your property is not very complicated if you follow these simple recommendations, even if it still requires work. However, it is definitely worth it, because you will optimize your lawn to be less water-intensive and more resistant to the heat of the summer season. Here's how to have a beautiful lawn in 5 steps.

beautiful lawn


After a very short mowing, the soil must be softened and the remaining grass removed. To achieve this, a tiller is generally used for land over 100m². Make cross passes at slow speed to allow the machine to extract the roots well while not working the soil too much.

Level the land

With the various tools at your disposal such as the hook or the claw, eliminate the last tufts of grass. Then, with a shovel, plug the holes and reshape the mounds to flatten them. You can by the way use mechanical tools as well. It is much easier phisically and will help you to get the job done right in time.

However, high garden beds may be a choice as well. - have a look, they are fairly deep, strong and robust.


After choosing the type of lawn that suits you, you must mix the seeds well in order to have a good distribution in the soil. Indeed, some seeds are smaller than others, which can lead to a sparse lawn. While advancing in your land, throw the seeds in front of you.

It is necessary to advance in rhythm: for example, a step forward, a handful of seeds thrown. Also pay attention to the weather, it is best to sow the grass when there is no wind. It is also possible to delimit the land into plots in order to progress in stages.


Once the ground is full of grass seeds, use a rake to lightly bury the seeds. Remember to rake in spurts so as not to move the seeds. Finally, proceed to the last step which consists of rolling the soil over the soil when the soil is dry. This will improve the contact of the seeds with the soil. Prefer a roll of about 80 kg.

beautiful lawn

Sometimes there are unpleasant and even ugly subjects right in the middle of a lawn. So, you need to hide it somehow. One of the best options is to use so-called faux boulders. - here you can fid plenty of those.


Once the lawn is in place, it must be watered regularly, but with a slight supply of water so as not to create puddles. The ideal would be an automatic sprinkler. Then, when the lawn has reached a size between 8 and 10 cm, a first mowing can be considered. The cut should be about 5 cm. Once the lawn has been cut, you can iron the roller to improve the maintenance of the roots in the ground.

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